It is very easy to lose a lot of money through an ad campaign that simply doesn't perform or deliver leads. It is essential that every campaign needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed to measure its performance. At BPartners, we will create a strategy for your campaigns that meets your needs. We will measure the conversion in terms of leads, signups, web visits or other valued costumer actions for you. We will track the keywords to understand if they are making any conversions.

BPartners will change and amend its strategies with time depending on performances. Our experience allows us to fully understand your targeted audience and your services and/or products to invest your money effectively, thus realising the full potential of the Google Ads campaigns.
About Contextual advertising
Use contextual advertising to quickly attract traffic from the first days of an advertising campaign with the best CTR and cost per click.
  • Work with all formats of contextual advertising
    We are fluent in advertising on search and in advertising networks of Google, dynamic and static remarketing, Look-Alike technology.
  • Sales Boost Tools
    We will predict an effective advertising campaign, set up the correct goals and track their implementation. We will select the most transactional queries and channels with the maximum impact in the desired topic. We will set up accurate targeting, constant updating of advertisements.

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