Digital complex
Accelerate your leads,
turn your website into a sales tool

Get a significant increase in quality leads from the second month

  • Find errors in the advertising campaign
    We will analyze the state of the site and advertising campaign for free and calculate how many leads you should receive.
  • We will connect effective channels of attraction
    We will set up online advertising, SEO, fix usability errors and work on your online reputation - all at once and within a single budget.
  • We will bring clients quickly
    You pay only for a specific result. We report on the overall business end goal, not through separate channels. Workflows are built in such a way that you can get the most out of projects faster.
  • We guarantee the result
    When promoting a site with payment for leads, we fix the exact number of targeted actions and the amount of attraction in the contract.
Why Digital Complex gives results so quickly?
Stages of achieving the goal
start of the project
Day 1:
What we do:
You get:
    Access to your personal account, where you can track the progress of the advertising campaign.
    We will agree on an individual step-by-step work plan to increase the leads.
    launch advertising campaigns in paid channels
    Day 3:
    What we do:
      You get:
        A customized advertising campaign available in your personal account. The first targeted traffic on the your website.
        We set up Google Analytics statistics, connect call tracking systems, launch your advertising campaign.
        increase the number of applications and calls from the site
        Week 2:
        What we do:
        You get:
          We analyze website visibility in search engines, compose a page request, write and add meta tags, draw up technical specifications for texts.
          analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns
          What we do:
          You get:
            Constant growth in sales from the site: more and more users become your customers
            We monitor and improve the campaign on a daily basis to fully control the effectiveness
            Complete absence of critical errors on the site, that reduce conversion.
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