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With the correct settings for the audience avatar, you can get direct access to "warm" users who in 90% of cases will be interested in the offer.

Advantages of Targeted Advertising

  • Setting up and reaching only the target audience.
    Targeted advertising works with available user information about themselves, so finding an audience for a potential client's portrait is not difficult. It is enough to set the parameters in the settings: gender, age, interests, jobs, place of study and others.
  • Personalization of ads
    The targeted ad format is a picture + title and description. Come up with an offer, laconically list the main advantages of a product or service, put a creative image. The advantage of this format is that you can quite easily grab the attention of users with a creative in the block of targeted ads and increase the click-through rate of the banner.
  • Fast ad optimization
    Targeted advertising allows you to easily test different hypotheses and, if necessary, increase the effectiveness of campaigns. The main metrics are traffic of visitors to the group, to the site, the number of subscriptions, the number of targeted interactions (likes, reposts, comments). Also, SMM manager calculate the price of 1000 impressions, cost per click, conversion, requests and other parameters.
  • Easy way to get clients
    The target allows you to get traffic to the project and the first sales without having a promoted group or community in social networks. If we compare it with website promotion, then targeted advertising is not inferior in efficiency to contextual ads. The target can be adjusted to competitors and drag clients to your projects. That is, set up ads for subscribers of the thematic community in social networks. This is one of the ways to quickly reach your target audience.
Access to the largest and most active social media network
Is Facebook losing its market big time? It is not, even if millennial and generation Z often opt for other visual-friendly platforms. Still Facebook is on track to make over USD 4 billion in revenue this year from advertising.

Its advanced targeting options and diverse ad types are amazing tools to use for business growth. At BPartners, we offer a full Facebook ad management service that helps your business take complete advantage of this social media. We help your business build its online following, increase its brand awareness and improve its lead generation and revenue-driving efforts with the world's biggest social media network like Facebook.
Direct valuable traffic from social media to your website
Possibility to create hyper-targeted ads
Grow brand awareness
Scale campaigns and measure results
More than 800 million active users monthly
Your products and/or services are appropriate for generation Z and/or millennials? Then TikTok is the "place to be" for your business. With TikTok we can easily and efficiently attract young and active audience that loves to share great content, exactly where Facebook can't get to and where Instagram is not creative enough.

At BPartners, we can use effective and efficient types of advertisement on this relatively new marketing platform for you and your goals and ensure a cool positioning of your brand.
TikTok's unique delivery algorithms that allow higher engagement with much less effort
Possibility to create community videos
Benefits of using TikTok advertising
Access to macro and micro influences
Active professional user base (with more than 500 million business professionals)
You should definitely consider implementing LinkedIn advertising services if you're looking to target users by profession, skills, industry, or professional interests to maximize the power of this professional platform. Our expertise on LinkedIn's ad campaign manager and our ability to strategically select amongst the platform's wide variety of ad formatting and targeting capabilities enables us to generate the ideal outcomes for your business.

Following the conclusion of each campaign, we analyse results and insights and utilize them to optimize the campaign. Moreover, sponsored LinkedIn InMail is a perfect toll to target a more niche audience.
Specific targeting
Various advertisement forms
Benefits of using LinkedIn advertising
Learn more about targeting