We know that most mental processes — including decision-making and emotional responses-take place without consciousness.
November 11, 2020

Why neuromarketing is what your company need?

Sooner or later, each company faces the need to test its application / product / website / landing page with the involvement of real users.

Let's imagine that such a moment has come for you, and you have already set a date for the first session.

In traditional user testing, you put a participant behind your app, website, or software and set them a task that they comment on aloud, and you tape everything they do and say. You can also ask a few questions before and after the test. All.

There is nothing wrong with this format of user testing: except, perhaps, that you, as a researcher, will have to rely only on his words when searching for the answer to the questions why the subject does what he does and how he relates to the product or application. You will see that the participant has clicked on a certain button or clicked on a certain link, but you will be able to be content only with his completely rational explanation of this or that choice, losing sight of the real reasons for the observed behavior.

But what to do with irrational stimuli and reactions that are not realized by a person, but have a significant impact on his behavior? What if you could look into the brains of users and see what they will never tell, that is, those emotions about your product, the presence of which they do not even suspect?

We know that most mental processes — including decision-making and emotional responses-take place without consciousness.

That is why when people tell you how they feel and try to explain the reasons for their actions, you should remember that maybe they really believe what they are saying is true, but maybe for them it is all a dark forest.

These interviews that you will conduct before and after the test, can't be considered absolutely reliable, because test participants may deliberately keep silent about something that they would not like to share with you, or answer dishonestly, not wanting to offend you: for example, some will find it difficult to admit that the product is difficult to manage, incomprehensible or boring.

Therefore, many researchers have resorted to the help of tools to capture reactions coming directly from the body of the participant and not drowned out by the human consciousness.

These are biometrics and neuro-measurements.

Some of these tools are simple and inexpensive to use, others may cost you more. In addition, you can always attract a third-party firm that specializes in work in the field of neuro-measurements.
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